BIO-DROPS is pure, natural and multi-functional, a mineral supplement with bio-electric mineral concentrate extract. It turns dead water into a living water.

MINERALS are essential TO BUILD AND REPAIR BODY TISSUES and vital to all physical and mental processes. If we do not take sufficient mineral supplements, our Health will develop diseases such as: ANEMIA (Iron), GOITER (Iodine), HEART DISEASES (Calcium, Magnesium), DIABETES (Vanadium & Chromium), ARTHRITIS (Sulphur, Calcium, & Boron),STROKE (Copper), & CANCER.

Our BLOOD cells is surrounded by a negative charge so they can repel / bounce off each other delivering  their goodness at high speed. BUT, when you are too acidic: They stick together. They sludge through the body at low speed struggling to absorb water, nutrients and oxygen and can’t expel  unhealthy Toxins..-poisoning starts, you feel loose of energy even though you are getting enough sleep.

WHEN THE BLOOD IS ACIDIC, the body may throw off acids through the skin producing symptoms such as Eczema, Acne, Boils, Headaches, Muscle Cramps, Soreness, Swelling, Irritation, Inflammations. If body is too acidic, it will make us tired and the Parasites live and enjoy in acidic body. The FAT is retained in order to bind the acidity somewhere away from the organs that sustain life.  “OBESE people are not over weight…........ They are over  ACIDIC!” Dr. Robert Young

BIO-DROPS is High in pH that helps restore the body’s pH balance. It is negatively charged.

Recommended Use:

Adult & Children above 12 yrs old., add 3-5 drops to drinking water & beverages. Take daily or as directed.

Keep bottle tightly closed  in a cool dry place. Store at room temperature.


WARNING: Do not use drops to eyes, ears, mouth & mucus membrane of other orifices. In case of accident, flush with clean water to relieve burning sensation.



Ang Bio Drops ay may trace minerals na kailangan ng ating katawan upang maging maayos and takbo ng ating utak sa pang araw araw na gawain.

Kung walang sapat na minerals, ito ay pwedeng maging sanhi ng Anemia, Insomia, Goiter, Rickets, Sakit sa Puso, Diabetes, Arthritis, Stroke at Cancer.

Ang bio drops ay puro, natural at maraming magandang dulot sa ating katawan. Ito ay nakakatulong upang hindi maging acidic and ating sikmura at manatili ang alkaline levels. 

Kung ikaw ay Acidic (sintomas: maasim na amoy sa katawan) mas may tsansa na ikaw ay manghina at dapuan ng sakit tulad ng Ezcema, Acne, Pigsa, Sakit ng Ulo, Pulikat, Pamamaga, pagiging iritable, mabahong pawis, Paa at iba pa. Kung acidic, nag piyesta ang mga masasamang bacteria sa loob ng iyong katawan.

“Obese people are not over weight” They are over ACIDIC!

“ Acid is the Disease-all diseases actually”

“Alkalinization is the Cure – for everything!

             --- Dr. Robert Young.

Recommended Use:

Adult & Children above 12 yrs old., add 3-5 drops sa inuming tubig. gamitin araw araw kung kailangan.

Panatilihing nakasarang mabuti sa malamig at tuyong lugar. 

BABALA: Huwag gamitin o ipatak direkta sa mata, tainga, bibig. Sa hindi inaasahang pangyayari, banlawan ng malinis na tubig para maibsan ang mainit na pakiramdam.