About Us

The talented individuals behind JIJAN

The Management Team had a Vision three years ago, and the result is JIJAN Business Circle International Inc. which started last December 2016. JIJAN is 100% Filipino owned corporate company and manage by experts in the field of Network Marketing, Engineering, IT, Business Administration, and Financial Management.

JIJAN is passionate and determined to pursue the Vision of to be the world-class direct selling company that contributes to a healthy living. Persistent in providing affordable and outstanding health and wellness products to keep us healthy.

JIJAN Business Circle International Inc. is a direct selling company that provides the rising POWER DUO in the market, a combination of BIENZYME (Pro-biotic drink & Live Enzyme) and BIO-DROPS (mineral supplement). The first product in the world with Five (5) different kinds of “HIGHLY TRAINED” beneficial microbes.

According to different doctors: Dr. John Beard -- enzymes kills cancer cells. Hipocrates - all diseases came from unclean gut/colon (only good bacteria can eliminate bad bacteria in a healthiest way). Dr. Robert Young -- inhibits the multiplication of cancer cells if we have 70-80% alkaline, and our body needs more alkaline more oxygen. Dr.Linus Pauling -- mineral Deficiency can trace your sickness. And JIJAN is catering these all very important matters.

Be part of JIJAN and experience the Wonders of Power Duo!